Equal and Fair Justice for Sholom Rubashkin

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 More Write to Holder

Judge denies new trial for slaughterhouse manager

Judge Denies New Trial for Rubashkin

Motion for New Trial Denied for Sholom Rubashkin

Des Moines, IA - Judge Denies New Trial for Rubashkin

Two More members Of Congress Write Letter To AG Holder About Rubashkin Case

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rubashkin Unity Video Released #3

Rubashkin Unity Video Released #2

Rubashkin Unity Video Released #1

Unity Pictures

VIDEOS: Ground Breaking Music Video For Sholom Rubashkin Starring Dozens Of Jewish Music’s Elite Released's-Elite-Released.html

Rubashkin Unity Song Released


Simchas Torah in Otisville, NY

Prosecutorial Misconduct In The Headlines: Rubashkin Case Cited

Torah To Be Written For Rubashkin

Let Sholom Mordechai Attend Bar Mitzvah

Monday, October 4, 2010

"Unity" Preview

Rabbi Pinny Lipshutz

Thousands of us know Rabbi Pinny Lipshutz as the Publisher of the weekly Jewish newspaper, Yated Neeman.

We also know Pinny as someone who has dedicated the last two years of his life to helping a fellow Jew whom we all deeply care about: Sholom Rubashkin

What you may not know is that Pinny is one of the nominees for the Jewish Federation’s “Jewish Community Heroes” campaign – which comes with a prize of $25,000 to further the winner’s communal activities.

Until October 8, 2010, anyone can go online and vote for their favorite nominee. Voting for Pinny Lipshutz can make a tremendous difference, and all it takes is a few seconds. You can vote every day.

Pinny stepped up to the plate to help a Jew he never met. Now that's a Jewish hero!

Click here to vote for Pinny!

PS. Click here for information on how you can help Sholom by writing to your local Congressman and Senator.

Thanks so much for your time & support.

Congressman Defends Rubashkin

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